LED Landscape Lighting Installation Las Vegas

Landscape lighting done right.
Businesses and homeowners in the Las Vegas, Nevada area appreciate our excellent LED landscape lighting services. We'll install cost-effective, durable illumination to brighten driveways, walks, yard signage, key landscaping features, and entrances at night.

Attractive LED Landscape Lighting Services
As a licensed Nevada contractor, American Sprinkler Landscape possesses the technical skills and tools required to place LED landscape lighting securely and accurately. We exercise care in locating permanent lights to ensure you'll obtain lasting value from your investment.

The Importance of Illumination Consider just a few of the reasons why our customers (your neighbors) request our convenient LED landscape lighting services in the Greater Las Vegas Area:

  • Ensure visitors can locate your property more easily on a dark night;
  • Add illumination to steps, patio stairs, and railings to minimize the risk of slips and falls;
  • Brighten verandas, patios, decks and porches to permit more convenient outdoor entertaining at night;
  • Create spectacular lighting displays around garden fountains, pools, picnic tables, and statuary;
  • Ensure your entrance remains welcoming after dark;
  • Define walkways, sidewalks and driveways more clearly at night;
  • Use lighting to enhance the "lived in" appearance of vacant properties cost-effectively;
  • Add LED lights to clearly indicate rooftops, flagpoles and other tall features. Why Customers Prefer Our Company
Why should you select American Sprinkler Landscape to perform all your outdoor Las Vegas LED lighting installations? Our service offers some distinct benefits:

  • As a local company, we possess familiarity with the Greater Las Vegas Metro Area;
  • We remain available to respond to emergencies on a 24/7 basis;
  • Our LED landscape lighting service complements our sprinkler service (for example, we can place lights near sprinkler heads for your convenience);
  • Our solid work ethic and affordable pricing structure will please you;
  • Obtain services from a fully licensed and bonded company! Contact Us Today
To schedule a consultation or to order lighting installation, simply call (702)686-5554. We'll help you brighten your yard and grounds after dark affordably!

LED Landscape Lighting Installation Las Vegas, NV