Artificial Turf Installation Las Vegas

Save Water. Save Money.
In the greater Las Vegas area, we all know that saving water is key, not just because it is expensive, but because it is a limited resource. At American Sprinkler Landscape, we have decades of experience helping customers save money on their water bills, from large businesses to small home yards. But one of the newer ways we are doing this is by reducing your water consumption completely with the complete installation of Las Vegas artificial turf.

There are many advantages to artificial turf, even in areas without heavy water restriction. It provides that green, luxurious look all year long, regardless of temperature or weather patterns. It requires minimal maintenance. You can even put away that lawn mower and trimmer forever, reducing costs of maintaining and fueling those garage-cluttering machines.

A synthetic lawn can increase the value of your home. It is very environmentally friendly, reducing water usage and the impact of mowing. It is great for kids and pets, both. It looks normal and even, with no brown or muddy spots. American Sprinkler Landscape can provide you with products with a twenty year life expectancy, easily paying for itself in reduced mowing and watering costs.
artificial turf installation Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas artificial turf installation
With the huge number of new products on the market, all of which we can provide, Las Vegas artificial turf can be durable, easy to manage, and even more comfortable for your family and pets than regular grass. A vast range of textures and lengths are available, many based on real, popular grass varietals like fescue and bluegrass. Each comes with warranty options and care instructions. We can provide all of your maintenance needs as well, with multiple long term care and inspection packages.

We are experts in artificial turf installation Las Vegas, and have been for years. Our specially trained technicians will inspect your yard and give you an onsite estimate. We handle full removal of your current turf, no matter how damaged. We then have our experts replace your brown, dying lawn, with a comfortable, beautiful turf that reacts just like a live lawn to both kids and golf balls. We can then set up a plan to regularly inspect your lawn for damage and wear, so that you can give it that fresh, always spring look.

So if you are considering saving money, saving the environment, and creating a more pleasant outdoor play space for your kids, your pets, and for you, then consider artificial turf installation Las Vegas. And when you look for a great deal on fantastic products and a lot of know-how, take a look at American Sprinkler Landscape. We know how to make your lawn look beautiful all year round.